2020: BE, DO, HAVE.

The New Year is finally here, and as usual, most of us including me have formulated our New Year resolutions. Plans, goals or habits we want to adopt and break in 2020. The unfortunately sad truth is that a good number of people will not achieve their goals; in fact by May they will have forgotten about them. Why is it that most goals end up getting rephrased and refined at the end of every year with no significant progress? It is because to achieve what you want; it takes more than just writing it down.

In the mid-1970’s, a young man in Hawaii took a class on goal setting. He could not believe that he was spending $150 and a beautiful Saturday and Sunday to learn about how to set goals. His name, Robert T. Kiyosaki and little did he know that that class would provide him with one of the most important lessons in his life. In his book ‘Cashflow Quadrant’ Robert tells the story.

On the board the instructor put up three words; BE, DO & HAVE. She
explained that

“Goals are the ‘have’ part of these three words; goals such as to Have a nice body or have millions of dollars. Once most people figure out their goal and what they want to have, they create a to-do list and start doing. The problem is that they do for a brief period then slide back to their old habits, back to the junk food and spending their savings. This is an example of Doing instead of Being.”

“It’s not the diet that counts; it’s who you have to become to follow the diet that counts. They focus on what they have to do, rather than who they have to be. A diet won’t help if your thoughts don’t change.”

“So many people look everywhere for the perfect person, the person of their dreams. They look for the right person instead of working to become the right person. And when they finally find this perfect person, they then try to change them. It’s easier to change yourself than change everyone else.”

“When it comes to money, many people try to do what the rich do and to have what the rich have. So they buy a house that looks rich, a car that looks rich and send their kids to schools the rich send their kids to. All this does is force these people to work even harder, which is not what the truly rich do.”

It is easy to note that most of us have fallen prey to this type of approach to our goals. Denzel Washington once said that to achieve your goals you need to apply discipline and consistency. The consistency part works when in the mind you first become the best version of yourself necessary for you to do what needs to be done.In this new year, let us do ourselves a favor and first become in our mind, then do and finally have.Happy New Year to you all!

Published by Joezef Katsala

I love expressing the story, emotion and color through writing. I love music and finding out the WHY behind everything. Am an Agricultural Economist and entrepreneur

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